Bad Experiences with Classified Websites

For those who are not well-aware with the term Classified Websites, let me tell you a little bit about these websites.

Classified Websites are the online digital platforms where any person can publish classified items to be sold or give away on rent. A person can also buy such items from these websites while enjoying the comfort of his home.

bad experience with classified

Items on classified websites can be anything; right from daily grocery items to most sought-out matrimonial ads. Every person in today’s e-commerce driven world checks these websites almost every day. These sites play a huge role not only in maintaining our daily-essential stocks, but also guides us like a friend in everything that we are in need of, be it finding a perfect dress on our birthday or buying that phone we have always wanted to gift our parents. Some of the major North American classified websites that have become our household names are Amazon, Flipkart, OLX, eBay, Craigs, Kijiji, and even the Canada-based VarageSale, backed by Sequoia Capital.

In recent times an unprecedented wave of high-investments in classified websites has taken place with a result of which sites like Craigslist finally have some tough competition. According to a report, a venture capitalist, Tomasz Tunguz included classified ads apps on his list of least sought startup sectors to pay attention to.

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Unfortunately, howover, no matter how essentail these websites are, a lot of things go wrong on thses websites as well. In today’s blog, we will find out some major goofups that leads to bad customer experiences while shopping or surfing on these classified websites.

  • Listing of fake or duplicate brands: According to a local survey done in India it was found that 38% respondents out of 6923 have been sold counterfeit products from e-commerce sites from last one year. To list a few major e-commerce giants involved in providing such products were Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal. It thus become utmost important for classified websites to act due diligently and see what products are being listed on their websites in order to provide seamless shopping experience.

    Listing websites thus have to identify who qualifies to be an honest seller. From checking his offer, pricing, product attributes, and other measures like transaction credentials, a lot needs to be done to save end-customers from buying counterfeit products, which they otherwise buy based on brand value of the listing website and not because of the phony sellers. Some websites like OfferUp tackles such trust issues by adhering to ID verification, buyer and selling ratings and real-time customer support, while as the Canada based VarageSale relies on heavily regulated community controlled by volunteer moderators.
Duplicate product
  • Bad user-interface with cluttered homepage: Another major reason that adds to the reasons of providing bad experience to the users on classified websites is the clutters homepage. A customer should not get lost in unnecessary content on the website that does not add value.  Startups like AdsWish are focused to cut down such noise. Its search engine platform centralizes all the classified ads and local marketplace apps. With indexing more than 20 million ads per day, AdsWish’s localized and data-backed algorithm gives users accurate results without any hassle.
  • Spam and Scam:  One of the most unavoidable glitches with most classified websites is to deal with Spam and Scam. Almost every other classified websites rely on unsolicited marketing tactics to drive traffic. And those who don’t ask for it, still have to face the burn.  Surfing classified websites, a user has to deal with issues like multiple aliases, scam texts, inappropriate back-linking attempts. Administrators of these websites then have to tackle these issues with help of manual processing and many spam-intelligence modules.
spam products
  •  Maintaining the latest Ad state: Another problem faced by customers on classified websites is the unavailability of quick turn-over items; the items which have low selling time.  As these items keeps on getting out of stock time and again, their unavailability thus reduces the value of the listings. Nothing can disappoint a customer more than to find that after shortlisting desired ads, such listed items are unavailable on the website. Thus, updating the listings regularly, no matter how challenging it can be, is necessary and to do that, classified websites needs seller’s timely co-operation.

These were just a few of the major problems faced by the customers which can lead to a bad customer experience. That’s why it’s time to bring agility in the classified marketplace with nimble startups that are future-ready and customer friendly. Yo2See, a Canada-based classified website[SA3]  with its five major attributes is ready to serve you well. With its easy-to-browse platform, Yo2See brings together a network of trusted and authenticated buyers and sellers to buy, sell, and rent items in a place near them. Customers don’t have to worry about cluttered home-page or spam messages while browsing our homepage. At center of Yo2See remains customer-centricity and trust to deliver value with every transaction.

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How would future vacations look like!

Going by its literal meaning, vacation is a time period where one takes a short break from his daily life to get a relaxing getaway to some place nice; the far, the better. But have the current times changed the definition of vacation for us? In this blog, we are gonna find what does the future looks like for travel junkies.

With no-where to go how can one predict the future vacations will be like?

It will be quite rhetorical to say that the current times have jolted down the travel and tourism industry all across the world. As the world continues to grapple with pandemic, according to sources, in a report put out by the United Nations (UN), [SA1] the year 2020 will see a historic dip of 60-80% in international travel; compared against the statistics of 2019. Implying, vacations will no longer be about getaways. With mass cancellations of travel bookings, the travel and tourism industry has been the worse hit by the pandemic.

One cannot deny, the world order is already changing around us. Everything is now being operated remotely. Our homes have turned into offices and social media, our new social hangouts. According to a report by Forbes, [SA2] there has been a rise in the internet usage by 70% and a 12% increase in the online streaming as people continue to remain indoors. One can presume, binge watching your favorite shows on online entertainment platforms like Netflix, Hotstar, and Amazon Prime Video is our  only, though virtual, getaway for now.

With all the famous places across world continue to remain closed, we all literally have no where to go. But will international tourist attraction places like Niagara Falls, Venice, Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, or  even local eateries, hotels continue to remain locked-up? No! But the question still remains when can we expect the revival of carefree travel again?

Solo, Slow, Smart: The future of vacations!

It’s a fact, COVID19 scare will continue to shape our way of living as well as our social norms. Social distancing, strict sanitization, and relying on innovative ways of keeping oneself safe while stepping out of our homes will be the next step now. The travel and vacation can be only be revived if we will conquer knowing how to live with COVID19. Vacations, travel, and tourism will surely strat slowly, but it has to be smart.

The world will see a phase wise opening of public places by implementing relaxations in the lockdown. So, we will have to learn to live with the unasked change for a really long time. With many domestic airlines already started to commute within the borders, though with low numbers of passengers, we can see a silver lining near future. Yet one cannot deny that the majority population will be unwilling to go for mass tourism. However, it would be safe to say those who still have not cancelled their travel bookings can safely postpone them by another eight or nine months.

China initiated its slow tourism within its borders when places like Shanghai Disneyland became one of the first public places to open in China after Corona scare. There was a proper crowd check, checklisting of all medical requirement like temperature check, face mask distribution, hand-sanitization, and most important following the the new social norm of distancing. In a news reported by the BBC, a restaurant in Amsterdam revamped its architectural ambiance to make it fit for people to eat their safely while maintaining social distancing.

In a detailed research paper authored [SA3] by a team of Chinese researchers from Australian  and Malaysian universities, and a Turkish professor there will be some key trends dictating future travel and vacation trends. To list a few: People will avoid travelling in large groups. They will slowly find ways out of their homes once the state will guarantee their safety beyond four walls of their homes. Their will be surge in luxurious stays in hotels and spa retreats. Other reports also suggest that travel insurance will now be an essential criterion not to be neglected.

So, until the international borders still remain closed, the future of vacation will slowly rely on domestic solo travels.

All that you need for future-ready travels:

Before we can hit the safe zones in our local communities to warm ourselves up to adapt to the new-way-of-vacation, we know one thing: travelling solo can be overwhelming. You have to take care of everything on your own. Wouldn’t it be great to rely on someone to save the day?

Well, thank God for start-ups like Yo2See [SA4] that harnesses the power of internet, to be your modern-day Genie. From the comfort of your home, you can sell, buy, and rent anything that you would need on your travel with just a click.

While going solo, one always runs on strict budget. With Yo2See it’s always easy to find safe and affordable places on rent to stay in your community while you enjoy to break the monotony of living in your home amid lockdown. You can also rent cool gadgets like camera, video camera, sound box, and even game box, some books may be – to treat yourself with a getaway which will safe, fun, relaxing, and affordable? You can also sell anything that you don’t need at good prices to make some extra dollars to treat yourself with.

You name it, you will find it on Yo2See.[SA5] 

As the world prepares to gear-up to embrace the changes dictated by COVID19, Yo2See can help you to get all that you need to have a fun vacation! From renting car to hit the roads to publishing your travel blog, Yo2See is all that you need.






Unleashing the madness, the rise of Yo2See!

Going Click and Mortar is the way forward:

The current unprecedented times have changed the way businesses operate. With everything streaming online: work, entertainment, socializing, and above all commerce; serving customers remotely is the new accepted human experience! In the past, services like e-commerce were used as a way of convenience by the customers. But that is not the case anymore. In current times with foot-traffic in brick and mortar service providers being as less as zero, going online is mandatory for businesses as well as the consumers. With more than half of the population of the world confined to stay home, a 129% year-on-year growth alone in Canadian and other western provinces’ e-commerce has been witnessed by April 2020; according to a report by Forbes. That is a whopping 146% surge in all online orders of the territory. But this online boom has also led to the downfall of traditional business at an alarming rate as well.

Survival of the fittest can never go old:

Digitization of businesses as well as the way we live will be the only fulcrum leading economy and hopes foreword. Companies that still were operating in the traditional way or had a very little digital footprint will soon be out of the game; with many relying on laying off their employees. In the U.S. alone, 30 million-plus workers have filed unemployment claims, according to a report by Forbes. If one talks about Canada, according to another report, nearly 2 million Canadians have lost their jobs in the region in just April amid pandemic. In just Alberta, one of the hardest hit Canadian province, the rate of unemployment is 13.4% as reported.
Powered by seamless AI and human driven technology, user-friendly interface, and clutter-free website, Yo2See gives you things that you need without any hassle. With Yo2See, you are always just a click away to buy, sell, or rent items that you want.

 It’s strange to even already agile start-ups like Zomato and Uber is not only closing their offices but also undergoing mass lay-offs as well. Even the giant brands like Victoria’s Secret had close almost 251 stores in the U.S. alone.  Thus, businesses need to have a gigantic capacity of running in the traditional way and at the same time being able to deliver the same online swiftly. No business is ever prepared to run on zero revenue once operations become obsolete, hence evolving ways of doing business should not be compromised. Mistakes like these left once a million dollar worth car-rental company, Hertz bankrupt; according to a report. 

Watching brands like Hertz and Victoria’s Secret succumb to the uncertainty is no secret. Relying majorly or only on brick-and-mortar model of business is no longer viable for businesses. Keeping up with wave of hyper-digitization brought by pandemic will not only help the businesses to stay relevant in current; but it will be the trait to determine their success in the race against uncertainty to help them survive in future as well.

The coming times will dictate businesses to invest generously to go digital; leading to the merge of business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) channels. As you read this article, this merge is already taking place in the business world. With mergers and acquisitions, between traditional organizations and nimble-digital-start-ups, running at the forefront of leading this change. This means that the uncalled change of going digital at the cost of layoffs, wind-ups, investments has its silver lining as well. Agile is no longer an IT exclusive domain, the current times have transformed the landscape of business pumping digitization in almost every sector and its operations as well.

 It’s time to take control:

On the other side of the coin, going online gives unimaginable power to businesses, consumers, and individuals as well. People and businesses will do things online because they can! The downfall like unemployment and shutting of businesses brought by current times is not the end. In fact, it is the beginning of taking charge of things. Thanks to start-ups like Yo2See. Harnessing the power of the internet, Yo2See brings the world together. We are your doorway to get connected to millions of smartphone users to share things that matter to you while making money as well. From the comfort of your home, you can sell, share, and rent anything with just a click. From finding relevant jobs to publish your content, we take care of all your needs. As the economy continues to grapple with falling in the pits of recession, it’s time to take charge of things with Yo2See.

Look around, is something missing in your room; maybe a spare locker you always wanted to keep those stacks of clothes lying around? You can find all that you need within your reach with Yo2See. Or you can do the otherwise as well. Post add of your clothes, you always buy but never wear. It’s time you sell them and make some dollars. You can also rent stuff to make and save dollars while maximizing the power of utilization of items you don’t want to spend huge money on otherwise. That’s not all, at Yo2See, you will get access to a number of relevant jobs matching your skills. It’s time to spruce up your resume and get going. We have got your back. If you are someone who loves to write but struggle with costly portals to publish it? Look no more, you can be a part of every thriving platform of Yo2See to make a change for yourself and those around you.

Unleash your power with Yo2See:

So, as the world continues to grapple with lockdown and lay-off, let Yo2See give flight to your dreams! Be a member of our ever-growing family and redefine the definitions of e-commerce like never before. While everything seems to fall away, sit back and relax and let Yo2See take care of your needs!


What will be the future job outlook?

The major question running in our minds in the current uncertain times prevailing globally as the COVID19 continues to change the world order.

Past few months we have been through unlimited zoom calls and gearing up with Microsoft Teams while keeping social distancing in place. Needless to say, millions have already lost their jobs and the numbers continue to hover up in the near future as well.

Talking about its impact on business, companies are now coming up with working from home option – which is turning out to be effective as employees are saving time on round-up trips from homes to offices. It not only has made them more productive but has also streamlined their work-life balance. Management, on the other hand, has calculated the costs they are saving on airfares, hotel stays, car rentals, and taking clients out to expensive restaurants.

Yes, the formal setup of organizations is changing so will the workforce running it! Let’s find out how…

Link: A great article by Jack Kelly narrated by Kamakshi

The tech-savvy workforce will drive your business in future

A 2019 report by Oxford Economics predicted 12.5 million manufacturing jobs will be automated in China by 2030. In the aftermath of the pandemic, it could be way more.

In a report by McKinsey, it projected that up to 30% of jobs in the US will be automated by 2030, and Automation and AI will lift productivity and economic growth. However, it will come with a cost to be paid by the workforce as well. Millions of people worldwide may need to switch occupations or upgrade skills in order to accommodate these jobs.

you2see blog

The World Economic Forum (WEF) estimated the emerging professions resulting from automation could account for 6.1 million jobs globally between 2020 to 2022. We have yet to see how the global pandemic will impact jobs in the long term, but the safest part of all jobs must be in an acceleration in automation to keep human workers, employees, and consumers safe.

Venture investors must seek the right technology, which yields higher-wage, rewarding work and higher-quality, cheaper, more sustainable, safer products, and services. Though the key focus remains to be how the workforce will keep up with the upcoming technology and what pathway will lead them towards that direction.

Link: Amazing facts from Shahin Farshchi narrated by Kamakshi

Outsourcing is not in anymore

As the home shoring jobs are trending, the outsourcing trend is now going down. The companies are now filling their office positions from home-based positions where employees can work from the comfort of their home and handle customer queries. Ensuring the safety of employees as well as the economic viability of the business.

Thank God for great startups like yo2see which will help uncover a unique, non-consensus market opportunity to invent a powerful tool that will endow the right talent with a dominant position in the new market. It will seek founding teams that can articulate a vision to attract the dollars and talent to build the tools to build and drive future-proof sustainable companies. Yo2see to be launching soon to provide online classified services helping people to make money by renting their items or by selling their unwanted items. An easy way to save and make money!

The top 3 trending Business segments thriving and embracing what is on all of our Horizons!

  1. Online Boom is back

A massive wave of online shopping was witnessed recently helping people get stuff they could not at the stores or they did not want to stand in line for hours. The social distancing formula to avoid contact has changed lifestyle of people. People are more comfortable to order most of the things online.

Joe: I need grocery but it’s too much hassle to stand in line and wait for hours

Jill: Well Joe, Login to Walmart or Superstore website! I heard they started personal shopping and are hiring personal shoppers. You can now order what you need and it will be ready for you when you want to pick it up. No hassle for you anymore, happy shopping and don’t forget to Thank the person who will hand it over to you!

  • Walmart Canada is hiring 150,000 employees
online ecommerce job

Amy: All the malls are closed; I need my mascara

Sarah: I ordered online and Amazon delivered it in 48 hours, go ahead and get it!!

  1. Amazon is hiring 100,000 employees

Yo2see to be launching soon providing online classified services helping people to make money by renting their items or by selling their unwanted items, save money by buying used items from variety of options!

Jason: Man, I got laid off and got all these tools taking space in my storage for which I pay $30 a month. I am thinking to get rid of some and save the space and money.

Peter: I know Jason, I got my landscaping stuff lying too since I closed my business. My nephew was telling me that there is this website coming up where you can rent your tools within your community and make money. I will also put some of my stuff to rent and will sell the rest!

  • Online food delivery service industry to be $200 Billion globally!

Aman: I feel like eating some butter chicken tonight but our favorite restaurant from where we get is closed under quarantine and too lazy to drive other place.

Sonia: Let’s order online from that Indian restaurant at McLeod, I heard these DoorDash, Skip the dishes and few others can get you the food in no time

online food delivery jobs
  • Home shoring jobs trending putting outsourcing trend down

The companies are now filling their office positions from home-based positions where employees can work from the comfort of their home and handle customer queries.

jobs in 2020

Ali: I lost my job today as our technical support centre is closed and don’t know when they will restart!

Rob: Hey man, don’t worry! I saw on apple website; they are hiring for some home support advisors and you will be a great fit.


Work from Home, Automation, and Online Boom will continue to drive our businesses, it will not be wrong to say that casual will be the new formal for all the organizations as well as their workforce. Thus, having a skill set to keep up with the disruptive changes in carrying their “business as usual”, organizations will have to train, retain, and grow the workforce which is self-motivated, tech-savvy, self-analytical, and above all casual!