An Exigency of Immigration

Going as basic as its definition, the motive of immigration, an act of settling in a foreign country, for people, is to capitalize better economic prospects, enjoy congenial tax laws and health facilities, capitalize better opportunities for future generations, and so on. But that’s not all, in recent years as used to happen during the earlier global war crisis, we have seen people from many war-torn countries settling in foreign countries to save their lives.

In both cases, one can say, government facilities are already in shape to monitor, control, and document the immigration of people from their home countries to foreign ones. But not all follow the protocols. In fact, alluring naïve people all across the world to settle in green pastures of European and American countries, immigration has been unfortunately a money minting business for many non-official third-parties as well.
Considering all these scenarios, one can say, the surge in immigration is an unsettling affair. Thus, there is always need-based or voluntary exigency for immigration.

Why is immigration good for everyone?

If I talk about the hotbed for immigration – Canada: The World Economic Forum has ranked it as the eighth country in the world having the most immigrants for 2018. But, that’s not all! According to another report published by Statista Canada, immigration is a key driver of Canada’s population growth, with 313,000 immigrating to Canada in just 2019.

Looking at these figures, it’s not hidden that the Canadian government knows the value and contributions that immigrants bring to their country.  That’s why before our lives were crumpled by COVID19, Canada wanted to add as many as 500,000 plus immigrants to its current population by 2020. To know more, you may click here.

Research studies have shown that immigration is not just beneficial for an immigrant but for the natives of the land where he migrates to as well. Likewise, the act of immigration also leads to a long-term benefit for both his native and moved-in country as well. The factors like the exchange of skill, knowledge, work, expertise brought by an immigrant to a foreign land in exchange for money leads to a health GDP, globally. However, to achieve such a state, countries across the world need to have immigration friendly laws, which we don’t find everywhere.

Beware of the bad guys!

With the potential to bring good to everyone associated with immigration, unfortunately, immigration has attracted many ill practices across the world as well. To list a few immigration issues, many non-official third-party mediators’ carryout many deceptive practices. The major deceiving parties that fools immigrants are unauthorized practitioners of immigration law. They usually charge amount higher than the nominal fee and are in every sense incompetent to combat issues faced by immigrants with the migration proceedings. These money minters not only cause huge financial loss to aspirational immigrants but also lead them to face severe ramifications of illegal immigration like deportation.

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Makeup Artist, A Face Behind The Star

Gloablization of economy has not left fashion industry untouched and the products and services that it offers. Even the fashion capital of the world, Paris, has successfully revamped today’s global fashion industry. Today, big fashion brands, global celebrity stylists, world-class cosmetic products have found their homes in almost every country of the world. If one would talk about global fashion events like Met Galla, Cannes, Milan Fashion Week, it won’t be wrong to say that these events have brought the global fashion industry together to celebrate art and craft revolving around beauty.

The glam-fam industry scene across the world – be it the tinsel town of movie stars or brides living their dream weddings – has seen an enormous rise in the opulent looks in a decade gone by. Thinking about movie stars, fashion models, brides, and social media influencers or fashion vloggers we can pick up one common thread connecting and indeed a pivotal block that keeps it all together: A Makeup Artist!

In today’s blog, we are going to talk about Makeup Artists – the not much celebrated or as we can say, a superhero without a cape of the star-lit world.

Carving a niche towards self-relianse:

The name “make-up artist” does not click our head as someone who helps actresses, models, and brides look best on the events and important occasions, but also as an empowering career choice that most women have taken up. From celebrity make-up artist to a freelance beauty vlogger, there are an array of career options that can be clubbed under the umbrella heading of being a make-up artist; to list a few: Bridal make-up artist, freelance make-up artist, beauty product developer/reviewer and much more.

Hitting a simple search on Google, you will find an array of courses you can do tobecome a certified make-up artist. Once certified, you can use social-media marketing to pitch your clints. Taking one step a day, you never know when you may be working as a top-notch celebrity make-up artist.

And as the beautiful diverse rainbow shines on us, make-up industry is without a doubt been a pioneer in becoming a gender neutral industry, thus giving career options to many of us as a whole community.

A superhero without a cloak:

You may say Make-up Artists are superheros who work behind the curtains to ensure the stars performing on stage look flawless. But how often do we press upon the thought of appreciating the artist because of who our brides, models, and actresses looks glamorously gorgeous? To be true, never!

We can clearly say, make-up artists are the unseen faces behind the shining stars. To know more about the profession and other challenges faced by make-up artists, Yo2See is featuring story of a young make-up artist from Kashmir, a heavenly valley located in India.

We soon will be covering her story in a vlog where Nida will be talking about her career. Watch this space to know more. 

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How would future vacations look like!

Going by its literal meaning, vacation is a time period where one takes a short break from his daily life to get a relaxing getaway to some place nice; the far, the better. But have the current times changed the definition of vacation for us? In this blog, we are gonna find what does the future looks like for travel junkies.

With no-where to go how can one predict the future vacations will be like?

It will be quite rhetorical to say that the current times have jolted down the travel and tourism industry all across the world. As the world continues to grapple with pandemic, according to sources, in a report put out by the United Nations (UN), [SA1] the year 2020 will see a historic dip of 60-80% in international travel; compared against the statistics of 2019. Implying, vacations will no longer be about getaways. With mass cancellations of travel bookings, the travel and tourism industry has been the worse hit by the pandemic.

One cannot deny, the world order is already changing around us. Everything is now being operated remotely. Our homes have turned into offices and social media, our new social hangouts. According to a report by Forbes, [SA2] there has been a rise in the internet usage by 70% and a 12% increase in the online streaming as people continue to remain indoors. One can presume, binge watching your favorite shows on online entertainment platforms like Netflix, Hotstar, and Amazon Prime Video is our  only, though virtual, getaway for now.

With all the famous places across world continue to remain closed, we all literally have no where to go. But will international tourist attraction places like Niagara Falls, Venice, Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, or  even local eateries, hotels continue to remain locked-up? No! But the question still remains when can we expect the revival of carefree travel again?

Solo, Slow, Smart: The future of vacations!

It’s a fact, COVID19 scare will continue to shape our way of living as well as our social norms. Social distancing, strict sanitization, and relying on innovative ways of keeping oneself safe while stepping out of our homes will be the next step now. The travel and vacation can be only be revived if we will conquer knowing how to live with COVID19. Vacations, travel, and tourism will surely strat slowly, but it has to be smart.

The world will see a phase wise opening of public places by implementing relaxations in the lockdown. So, we will have to learn to live with the unasked change for a really long time. With many domestic airlines already started to commute within the borders, though with low numbers of passengers, we can see a silver lining near future. Yet one cannot deny that the majority population will be unwilling to go for mass tourism. However, it would be safe to say those who still have not cancelled their travel bookings can safely postpone them by another eight or nine months.

China initiated its slow tourism within its borders when places like Shanghai Disneyland became one of the first public places to open in China after Corona scare. There was a proper crowd check, checklisting of all medical requirement like temperature check, face mask distribution, hand-sanitization, and most important following the the new social norm of distancing. In a news reported by the BBC, a restaurant in Amsterdam revamped its architectural ambiance to make it fit for people to eat their safely while maintaining social distancing.

In a detailed research paper authored [SA3] by a team of Chinese researchers from Australian  and Malaysian universities, and a Turkish professor there will be some key trends dictating future travel and vacation trends. To list a few: People will avoid travelling in large groups. They will slowly find ways out of their homes once the state will guarantee their safety beyond four walls of their homes. Their will be surge in luxurious stays in hotels and spa retreats. Other reports also suggest that travel insurance will now be an essential criterion not to be neglected.

So, until the international borders still remain closed, the future of vacation will slowly rely on domestic solo travels.

All that you need for future-ready travels:

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Winning together: Embracing the Diversity

“My respect for human beings is based not on the color of man’s skin nor authority he may wield, but purely on merit.” – Nelson Mandela

In recent gruesome event that took place in Minneapolis, George Floyd, a 46 year old Black man, was brutally killed by four White police officers of Minneapolis Police Department on 25th May 2020.

It is imperative to press upon the color of the skin of the victim and the oppressor. It goes without denying that the white supremacy has been running at every level of the structural fabric in the western world.  With centuries gone by in fighting against Black Slavery and White Supremacy, losing yet another life again to the evil forces blinded by colors shows not much has changed.

In a video surfaced online, a white officer can be seen kneeling his knee on George Floyd’s neck for nearly 8 minutes, where George keeps on saying “I can’t breathe!”, leading to his death. What was his fault? Counterfeiting a $20 bill? Or being a Black Man?

Floyd’s death has sparked protests – both peaceful and violent across the U.S. With hashtags like #ICan’tBreathe and #BlackLivesMatter taken the online world by storm.

But this is not all, killing of a hapless black man has also brought many evil practices of today’s world out loud. Jeopardizing the already weakened freedom of press, looting of stores, dying democracy, and dead leadership.

The government may have suspended the police officers whose hate against a community led to the death of an innocent man, but will it change our mindset?

In today’s world, we see many biases running around our daily lives: Gender Discrimination, Homophobia, Islamophobia, White Supremacy, Patriarchy, Bigotry, and more.

Who benefits from dividing human on the basis of color, gender, race? If only we could understand the power of diversity. If only we could know the ripples, we could send across the world by coming together!

Quoting Henry Ford, “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together is success.”

If I just talk about discrimination set against people based on their gender and color, it is shocking to know that over 28 million African girls between ages 6 and 15 are not in school, and may never even go into one. What gives us power to dictate terms and conditions to govern life of others? If death of George Floyd will not wake us up now, the whole world will fall in the deepest pits of hatred and violence which will be even more deadly than a pandemic.

Winning together at Yo2See by embracing the diversity:

Yo2See, a digital platform brings the world together across boundaries, religions, gender, race, caste, and color. In these sad times, we stand in solidarity with the friends and family of George Floyd and we hope this event wakes us up from the slumber of ignorance and hatred.

At Yo2See, we support diversity, be it our customers or employees. For us, celebrating cultural, regional, religious diversities is as important as life. Life of every single one of us is just as important as our personal. At Yo2See we are dedicated to help develop a network of local communities living across the globe to help each other by buying, selling, renting items they want. We hope our mission of empowering people by helping out each other fosters the tenants of embracing diversity in all forms. That would be a happy world to live in