Makeup Artist, A Face Behind The Star

Gloablization of economy has not left fashion industry untouched and the products and services that it offers. Even the fashion capital of the world, Paris, has successfully revamped today’s global fashion industry. Today, big fashion brands, global celebrity stylists, world-class cosmetic products have found their homes in almost every country of the world. If one would talk about global fashion events like Met Galla, Cannes, Milan Fashion Week, it won’t be wrong to say that these events have brought the global fashion industry together to celebrate art and craft revolving around beauty.

The glam-fam industry scene across the world – be it the tinsel town of movie stars or brides living their dream weddings – has seen an enormous rise in the opulent looks in a decade gone by. Thinking about movie stars, fashion models, brides, and social media influencers or fashion vloggers we can pick up one common thread connecting and indeed a pivotal block that keeps it all together: A Makeup Artist!

In today’s blog, we are going to talk about Makeup Artists – the not much celebrated or as we can say, a superhero without a cape of the star-lit world.

Carving a niche towards self-relianse:

The name “make-up artist” does not click our head as someone who helps actresses, models, and brides look best on the events and important occasions, but also as an empowering career choice that most women have taken up. From celebrity make-up artist to a freelance beauty vlogger, there are an array of career options that can be clubbed under the umbrella heading of being a make-up artist; to list a few: Bridal make-up artist, freelance make-up artist, beauty product developer/reviewer and much more.

Hitting a simple search on Google, you will find an array of courses you can do tobecome a certified make-up artist. Once certified, you can use social-media marketing to pitch your clints. Taking one step a day, you never know when you may be working as a top-notch celebrity make-up artist.

And as the beautiful diverse rainbow shines on us, make-up industry is without a doubt been a pioneer in becoming a gender neutral industry, thus giving career options to many of us as a whole community.

A superhero without a cloak:

You may say Make-up Artists are superheros who work behind the curtains to ensure the stars performing on stage look flawless. But how often do we press upon the thought of appreciating the artist because of who our brides, models, and actresses looks glamorously gorgeous? To be true, never!

We can clearly say, make-up artists are the unseen faces behind the shining stars. To know more about the profession and other challenges faced by make-up artists, Yo2See is featuring story of a young make-up artist from Kashmir, a heavenly valley located in India.

We soon will be covering her story in a vlog where Nida will be talking about her career. Watch this space to know more. 

Celebrating glam-heroes with Yo2See:[SA2] 

We know looking great on your special day – be it a birthday, wedding, date-night, prom is every girl’s wish. But, finding a make-up artist to help you pull your dream look can be baffling too. Well, not anymore. Yo2See, a growing team of online community will help you book make-up artist just near you at a price you can afford. In case you want to buy or rent cosmetic [SA3] products for your special day, it will be taken care by Yo2See as well.

If you are an aspiring make-up artist, or you already are working as one, Yo2See is a platform that will help you get connected with the people who needs your valuable services. You can also use our portal to publish your beauty blogs, make-up advises and much more. While you are busy out there shining the stars, Yo2See will make sure your light shines upon us too!

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