An Exigency of Immigration

Going as basic as its definition, the motive of immigration, an act of settling in a foreign country, for people, is to capitalize better economic prospects, enjoy congenial tax laws and health facilities, capitalize better opportunities for future generations, and so on. But that’s not all, in recent years as used to happen during the earlier global war crisis, we have seen people from many war-torn countries settling in foreign countries to save their lives.

In both cases, one can say, government facilities are already in shape to monitor, control, and document the immigration of people from their home countries to foreign ones. But not all follow the protocols. In fact, alluring naïve people all across the world to settle in green pastures of European and American countries, immigration has been unfortunately a money minting business for many non-official third-parties as well.
Considering all these scenarios, one can say, the surge in immigration is an unsettling affair. Thus, there is always need-based or voluntary exigency for immigration.

Why is immigration good for everyone?

If I talk about the hotbed for immigration – Canada: The World Economic Forum has ranked it as the eighth country in the world having the most immigrants for 2018. But, that’s not all! According to another report published by Statista Canada, immigration is a key driver of Canada’s population growth, with 313,000 immigrating to Canada in just 2019.

Looking at these figures, it’s not hidden that the Canadian government knows the value and contributions that immigrants bring to their country.  That’s why before our lives were crumpled by COVID19, Canada wanted to add as many as 500,000 plus immigrants to its current population by 2020. To know more, you may click here.

Research studies have shown that immigration is not just beneficial for an immigrant but for the natives of the land where he migrates to as well. Likewise, the act of immigration also leads to a long-term benefit for both his native and moved-in country as well. The factors like the exchange of skill, knowledge, work, expertise brought by an immigrant to a foreign land in exchange for money leads to a health GDP, globally. However, to achieve such a state, countries across the world need to have immigration friendly laws, which we don’t find everywhere.

Beware of the bad guys!

With the potential to bring good to everyone associated with immigration, unfortunately, immigration has attracted many ill practices across the world as well. To list a few immigration issues, many non-official third-party mediators’ carryout many deceptive practices. The major deceiving parties that fools immigrants are unauthorized practitioners of immigration law. They usually charge amount higher than the nominal fee and are in every sense incompetent to combat issues faced by immigrants with the migration proceedings. These money minters not only cause huge financial loss to aspirational immigrants but also lead them to face severe ramifications of illegal immigration like deportation.

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