What will be the future job outlook?

The major question running in our minds in the current uncertain times prevailing globally as the COVID19 continues to change the world order.

Past few months we have been through unlimited zoom calls and gearing up with Microsoft Teams while keeping social distancing in place. Needless to say, millions have already lost their jobs and the numbers continue to hover up in the near future as well.

Talking about its impact on business, companies are now coming up with working from home option – which is turning out to be effective as employees are saving time on round-up trips from homes to offices. It not only has made them more productive but has also streamlined their work-life balance. Management, on the other hand, has calculated the costs they are saving on airfares, hotel stays, car rentals, and taking clients out to expensive restaurants.

Yes, the formal setup of organizations is changing so will the workforce running it! Let’s find out how…

Link: A great article by Jack Kelly narrated by Kamakshi https://www.forbes.com/sites/jackkelly/2020/04/09/theaftermath-of-covid-19-will-cause-alarming-changes-to-our-careers-and-lives/#109a15ca4e52

The tech-savvy workforce will drive your business in future

A 2019 report by Oxford Economics predicted 12.5 million manufacturing jobs will be automated in China by 2030. In the aftermath of the pandemic, it could be way more.

In a report by McKinsey, it projected that up to 30% of jobs in the US will be automated by 2030, and Automation and AI will lift productivity and economic growth. However, it will come with a cost to be paid by the workforce as well. Millions of people worldwide may need to switch occupations or upgrade skills in order to accommodate these jobs.

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The World Economic Forum (WEF) estimated the emerging professions resulting from automation could account for 6.1 million jobs globally between 2020 to 2022. We have yet to see how the global pandemic will impact jobs in the long term, but the safest part of all jobs must be in an acceleration in automation to keep human workers, employees, and consumers safe.

Venture investors must seek the right technology, which yields higher-wage, rewarding work and higher-quality, cheaper, more sustainable, safer products, and services. Though the key focus remains to be how the workforce will keep up with the upcoming technology and what pathway will lead them towards that direction.

Link: Amazing facts from Shahin Farshchi narrated by Kamakshi


Outsourcing is not in anymore

As the home shoring jobs are trending, the outsourcing trend is now going down. The companies are now filling their office positions from home-based positions where employees can work from the comfort of their home and handle customer queries. Ensuring the safety of employees as well as the economic viability of the business.

Thank God for great startups like yo2see which will help uncover a unique, non-consensus market opportunity to invent a powerful tool that will endow the right talent with a dominant position in the new market. It will seek founding teams that can articulate a vision to attract the dollars and talent to build the tools to build and drive future-proof sustainable companies. Yo2see to be launching soon to provide online classified services helping people to make money by renting their items or by selling their unwanted items. An easy way to save and make money!


The top 3 trending Business segments thriving and embracing what is on all of our Horizons!

  1. Online Boom is back

A massive wave of online shopping was witnessed recently helping people get stuff they could not at the stores or they did not want to stand in line for hours. The social distancing formula to avoid contact has changed lifestyle of people. People are more comfortable to order most of the things online.

Joe: I need grocery but it’s too much hassle to stand in line and wait for hours

Jill: Well Joe, Login to Walmart or Superstore website! I heard they started personal shopping and are hiring personal shoppers. You can now order what you need and it will be ready for you when you want to pick it up. No hassle for you anymore, happy shopping and don’t forget to Thank the person who will hand it over to you!

  • Walmart Canada is hiring 150,000 employees
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Amy: All the malls are closed; I need my mascara

Sarah: I ordered online and Amazon delivered it in 48 hours, go ahead and get it!!

  1. Amazon is hiring 100,000 employees https://www.forbes.com/sites/johnkoetsier/2020/03/16/amazon-hiring-100000-for-coronavirus-delivery-expansion-investing-350m/#9b987cc1feb5

Yo2see to be launching soon providing online classified services helping people to make money by renting their items or by selling their unwanted items, save money by buying used items from variety of options!

Jason: Man, I got laid off and got all these tools taking space in my storage for which I pay $30 a month. I am thinking to get rid of some and save the space and money.

Peter: I know Jason, I got my landscaping stuff lying too since I closed my business. My nephew was telling me that there is this website coming up where you can rent your tools within your community and make money. I will also put some of my stuff to rent and will sell the rest!


  • Online food delivery service industry to be $200 Billion globally!


Aman: I feel like eating some butter chicken tonight but our favorite restaurant from where we get is closed under quarantine and too lazy to drive other place.

Sonia: Let’s order online from that Indian restaurant at McLeod, I heard these DoorDash, Skip the dishes and few others can get you the food in no time

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  • Home shoring jobs trending putting outsourcing trend down

The companies are now filling their office positions from home-based positions where employees can work from the comfort of their home and handle customer queries.

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Ali: I lost my job today as our technical support centre is closed and don’t know when they will restart!

Rob: Hey man, don’t worry! I saw on apple website; they are hiring for some home support advisors and you will be a great fit.



Work from Home, Automation, and Online Boom will continue to drive our businesses, it will not be wrong to say that casual will be the new formal for all the organizations as well as their workforce. Thus, having a skill set to keep up with the disruptive changes in carrying their “business as usual”, organizations will have to train, retain, and grow the workforce which is self-motivated, tech-savvy, self-analytical, and above all casual!