Blockchain in Digital Advertising: The hype one can’t just ignore!

Pause and notice, isn’t everything around you driven by Blockchain? If you still are unaware, let’s rewind a little and know what Blockchain technology is; before we know why there is so much hype all about it!

Blockchain – Digital Advertising

Blockchain is an integrated system that records the information that is difficult or impossible to alter or hack otherwise! You may say it is a digital ledger of transactions that is disseminated in blocks across the network of computer systems. Each block is assimilated in a chain, containing a number of transactions; and all these transitions are recorded – as said above – in a digital ledger, on a block. Once this decentralized database of various digital transactions is managed by multiple participants, it is known as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). If you are still wondering what Blockchain Technology is, don’t worry. Just know that it is a type of DLT. But there is a twist! Unlike DLT, Blockchain technology is empowered. As every transaction in Blockchain is recorded with an unchallengeable cryptographic signature called a hash.

Phew! Hope we cracked that.

Digital Advertising is at the zenith of its evolution. That’s why businesses continue to go digital to reap the benefits of digital organizations that are nimble and agile. Though, going digital comes with struggles like data privacy, threat to online hacks, viruses or other malware, and more. That’s why everyone in today’s digital era – the one that is susceptible to all the cons, one needs to play smart! If we talk about digital giants like Facebook, Google, Amazon – who have been the forerunners of leading the disruptive digital revolution of online advertising, this million-dollar industry relies on huge – like really huge – volumes of data. But the key to their success is, how smartly they take decisions by drilling all this data.

You can thus say, having a digital presence can be your biggest asset or even a key to go bankrupt.  Won’t then opting for a secured ecosystem to go digital seems to be the only sane thing to do? The answer is: a big Yes!

To share a little trivia, even Google has already announced that it will be building its own blockchain for its many services like Cloud. One might wonder, even a dynamically digital organization like Google is in the process of revamping the way it does its digital advertisements with a purpose to serve customers like never before!

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Blockchain: Revolutionizing Digital Advertising!

Facts reveal, around 8% to 9% of all the digital ad impressions are mostly fraud. These frauds not only deceive customers, but also costs as much as $1 out of every $3 spent on digital marketing efforts. Thus, its needless to say, there are a number of compelling reasons why blockchain is the only way to go ahead in digital advertising. Let’s find out some perks that digital advertisers can enjoy using Blockchain Technology.

  1. Dear Advertisers, connect to your consumers directly!

Just like a traditional market, the digital market place also has end-users, advertisers, and intermediaries. Digital display ad inventories are controlled almost entirely by just two companies: Facebook and Google.

But with blockchain in the scene, the money-minting intermediaries become irrelevant. Platforms like Google and Facebook empowers advertisers to reach their potential customers directly using Blockchain technology. Harnessing the power of digital ledger, blockchain also offer advertisers an array of add-on benefits like digital analytics – who viewed the page, how many leads were generated, the rate of successful conversions, and more.  Thus, blockchain empowers digital advertisers to run direct business which reduces fraudulent chances, commissions, and more.

2. Clutter-free, effective Ads.

A business world marred with heaps of content clutter, finding a niche in market with effective ad is almost impossible.  Looking at the change in lifestyle and preferences of consumers, digital – and especially video advertisements – are going to rule the future. Hence effective and quality content, driven by compelling story-telling will enable marketers to leave an impact. The sole aim of advertisers is to be their consumers are – social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and more. Moreover, running advertisements on digital platforms not only enhances brand visibility, but also ensures consumers feel empowered to have the power not to let advertisements be intrusive. Thus, adding more brownie points to digital advertisements.

3. Safe, Secure, Swift!

It won’t be wrong to say that Blockchain Technology stands out like a knight with his shiny armor fighting all the evils prevailing in the digital world. It brings transparency in the business model to help advertisers see and analyses if there is any waste spend being made on their advertisements and even makes publishers accountable to enhance their effectiveness. Going digital while enjoying the security of Blockchain Technology, will not just maximize your speed-to-market, but will also help you target the right audience, decrease waste-spend, analyze campaign effectiveness pattern, and much more. All this in a safe and secured ecosystem. Thus, Blockchain will enable advertisers to build customer profiles directly, as trusting the ecosystem – the customers will be willing to share data which organizations, which in turn will enhance their targeting, relevance, conversions, and – ultimately – revenue.

Yo2See to the rescue:

blockchain technology

Carving its niche in the world of classified advertising, Yo2See, a nimble and agile organization is all set to incorporate the best of disruptions – or rather – revolutions like the Blockchain Technology that the digital world is going to present. We will offer a safe and secured digital ecosystem to our users where they can rent, sell, buy, and publish all that they want online. Just like Blockchain, we at Yo2See have got your back.