Bad Experiences with Classified Websites

For those who are not well-aware with the term Classified Websites, let me tell you a little bit about these websites.

Classified Websites are the online digital platforms where any person can publish classified items to be sold or give away on rent. A person can also buy such items from these websites while enjoying the comfort of his home.

bad experience with classified

Items on classified websites can be anything; right from daily grocery items to most sought-out matrimonial ads. Every person in today’s e-commerce driven world checks these websites almost every day. These sites play a huge role not only in maintaining our daily-essential stocks, but also guides us like a friend in everything that we are in need of, be it finding a perfect dress on our birthday or buying that phone we have always wanted to gift our parents. Some of the major North American classified websites that have become our household names are Amazon, Flipkart, OLX, eBay, Craigs, Kijiji, and even the Canada-based VarageSale, backed by Sequoia Capital.

In recent times an unprecedented wave of high-investments in classified websites has taken place with a result of which sites like Craigslist finally have some tough competition. According to a report, a venture capitalist, Tomasz Tunguz included classified ads apps on his list of least sought startup sectors to pay attention to.

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Unfortunately, howover, no matter how essentail these websites are, a lot of things go wrong on thses websites as well. In today’s blog, we will find out some major goofups that leads to bad customer experiences while shopping or surfing on these classified websites.

  • Listing of fake or duplicate brands: According to a local survey done in India it was found that 38% respondents out of 6923 have been sold counterfeit products from e-commerce sites from last one year. To list a few major e-commerce giants involved in providing such products were Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal. It thus become utmost important for classified websites to act due diligently and see what products are being listed on their websites in order to provide seamless shopping experience.

    Listing websites thus have to identify who qualifies to be an honest seller. From checking his offer, pricing, product attributes, and other measures like transaction credentials, a lot needs to be done to save end-customers from buying counterfeit products, which they otherwise buy based on brand value of the listing website and not because of the phony sellers. Some websites like OfferUp tackles such trust issues by adhering to ID verification, buyer and selling ratings and real-time customer support, while as the Canada based VarageSale relies on heavily regulated community controlled by volunteer moderators.
Duplicate product
  • Bad user-interface with cluttered homepage: Another major reason that adds to the reasons of providing bad experience to the users on classified websites is the clutters homepage. A customer should not get lost in unnecessary content on the website that does not add value.  Startups like AdsWish are focused to cut down such noise. Its search engine platform centralizes all the classified ads and local marketplace apps. With indexing more than 20 million ads per day, AdsWish’s localized and data-backed algorithm gives users accurate results without any hassle.
  • Spam and Scam:  One of the most unavoidable glitches with most classified websites is to deal with Spam and Scam. Almost every other classified websites rely on unsolicited marketing tactics to drive traffic. And those who don’t ask for it, still have to face the burn.  Surfing classified websites, a user has to deal with issues like multiple aliases, scam texts, inappropriate back-linking attempts. Administrators of these websites then have to tackle these issues with help of manual processing and many spam-intelligence modules.
spam products
  •  Maintaining the latest Ad state: Another problem faced by customers on classified websites is the unavailability of quick turn-over items; the items which have low selling time.  As these items keeps on getting out of stock time and again, their unavailability thus reduces the value of the listings. Nothing can disappoint a customer more than to find that after shortlisting desired ads, such listed items are unavailable on the website. Thus, updating the listings regularly, no matter how challenging it can be, is necessary and to do that, classified websites needs seller’s timely co-operation.

These were just a few of the major problems faced by the customers which can lead to a bad customer experience. That’s why it’s time to bring agility in the classified marketplace with nimble startups that are future-ready and customer friendly. Yo2See, a Canada-based classified website[SA3]  with its five major attributes is ready to serve you well. With its easy-to-browse platform, Yo2See brings together a network of trusted and authenticated buyers and sellers to buy, sell, and rent items in a place near them. Customers don’t have to worry about cluttered home-page or spam messages while browsing our homepage. At center of Yo2See remains customer-centricity and trust to deliver value with every transaction.

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