Big Data: A key to drive Big Business in a digital era!

Ever wondered what drives businesses? Oh, or maybe, have you ever given a thought about what has been driving businesses for all these years?

The answer is simple: a timely processed data.

Information derived from the organization’s database helps them to derive insightful decisions. The more insights one derives in a fast-paced and cost-effective manner from the data available, the greater are his chances to create a compelling Unique Selling Proposition (USP) for his organization. In short, if managed well, data can make you a Market Leader.

But with time, the volume and complexities attached to data have surged astonishingly.  So Data Scientists, gems who work with database to derive meaningful interpretations from data to give valuable insight to organizations, need to rely on a much-sophisticated technology to drill and mine volumes of data that are otherwise too complex to interpret.

Enters Big Data to save the day!

Big data enables Data Scientists to harness valuable ways of analyzing, drilling, and mining huge volumes of complex data structures to derive meaningful information which otherwise is not possible to do with the help of traditional data-processing software.  Big Data thus manages all the information assets of an organization in cost-effective, innovative forms to process information in order to derive insightful decision making by leveraging the power of automation.

One can imagine, being able to derive key insights after processing volumes of structured and unstructured data – the volume of data which is generated every second of the day throughout the year in a digitally connected world from various stakeholders of an organization –  can help business tycoons to create new ventures. Similarly, failing to do so, watching their business go irrelevant is the other side of the story. It’s no secret that we live in a Knowledge-Driven Economy.  Information is a key to success. Hence an access to cost-effective data storage system with swift data processing techniques to derive insightful information that organizations can put to their Knowledge-Base is pivotal.

Back in 2010, Eric Schmidt, Google’s former chief executive, said that about five exabytes of data (imagine the amount of data that will be recorded in a DVD-quality video that must have been recorded since the time universe was collapsed in one big mass before blowing into a big bang) was created in the world every two days. Hold on to this thought, and as we stand a decade later, imagine the rise of data generation today? It won’t be wrong to say the same amount of data must be generated in every 10 minutes now. You do the maths!

According to research, it is estimated that in just a year, the accumulated world data will grow to 44 zettabytes (that’s 44 trillion gigabytes or imagine an entire mountain range of the Himalayas covered with data instead of snow)! With all this data generated by consumers across the world, organizations need to rely on Big Data will increase. Alone in retail, relying on Big Data can help organizations to increase their sales by as much as 5%.

Where does all this data go?

For quite so long, many giants of Silicon Valley have had Big Data warehouses with no idea what to do about it; for even the thought of processing it was just too daunting. But with breakthrough technologies like Parallel-processing in early 2000s, the multitude of processing data increased giving rise to companies like Google and Facebook. See, that is the power of Data I was talking about; it creates and dilutes ventures!

Managing Big Data was not just enough to win the market; one had to come up with more advanced algorithms like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to ace the game. It helps data applications to run on even more complicated, huge volumes of data in lesser time. Thanks to these technologies we have control devices with just a voice command.

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Driving economy with Big Data!

 Online businesses like e-commerce and classified websites heavily rely on social media and browser history of consumers to track of surfing behavior of a consumer to derive their accurate buying behavior. After liking a picture of Organic Hair Oil on Instagram, the tempting advertisement and offers on an array of organic products don’t just appear randomly on your browser or anywhere browse digitally. The data is well-connected and processed. It’s no surprise after finding tempting offers on such products throughout the day; you end up buying it even if you didn’t want to. Online traffic and statics reveal that business opportunities lie in the ability knit data together from a wide source and let those sources reinforce to push that data to make pervasive.  One can say Big Data makes organizations smarter, prolific, and agile: by enabling them to harness diverse data types otherwise, previously, unavailable. It also enables them to unravel new business opportunities.

Big Data and Yo2See!

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Unleashing the madness, the rise of Yo2See!

Going Click and Mortar is the way forward:

The current unprecedented times have changed the way businesses operate. With everything streaming online: work, entertainment, socializing, and above all commerce; serving customers remotely is the new accepted human experience! In the past, services like e-commerce were used as a way of convenience by the customers. But that is not the case anymore. In current times with foot-traffic in brick and mortar service providers being as less as zero, going online is mandatory for businesses as well as the consumers. With more than half of the population of the world confined to stay home, a 129% year-on-year growth alone in Canadian and other western provinces’ e-commerce has been witnessed by April 2020; according to a report by Forbes. That is a whopping 146% surge in all online orders of the territory. But this online boom has also led to the downfall of traditional business at an alarming rate as well.

Survival of the fittest can never go old:

Digitization of businesses as well as the way we live will be the only fulcrum leading economy and hopes foreword. Companies that still were operating in the traditional way or had a very little digital footprint will soon be out of the game; with many relying on laying off their employees. In the U.S. alone, 30 million-plus workers have filed unemployment claims, according to a report by Forbes. If one talks about Canada, according to another report, nearly 2 million Canadians have lost their jobs in the region in just April amid pandemic. In just Alberta, one of the hardest hit Canadian province, the rate of unemployment is 13.4% as reported.
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 It’s strange to even already agile start-ups like Zomato and Uber is not only closing their offices but also undergoing mass lay-offs as well. Even the giant brands like Victoria’s Secret had close almost 251 stores in the U.S. alone.  Thus, businesses need to have a gigantic capacity of running in the traditional way and at the same time being able to deliver the same online swiftly. No business is ever prepared to run on zero revenue once operations become obsolete, hence evolving ways of doing business should not be compromised. Mistakes like these left once a million dollar worth car-rental company, Hertz bankrupt; according to a report. 

Watching brands like Hertz and Victoria’s Secret succumb to the uncertainty is no secret. Relying majorly or only on brick-and-mortar model of business is no longer viable for businesses. Keeping up with wave of hyper-digitization brought by pandemic will not only help the businesses to stay relevant in current; but it will be the trait to determine their success in the race against uncertainty to help them survive in future as well.

The coming times will dictate businesses to invest generously to go digital; leading to the merge of business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) channels. As you read this article, this merge is already taking place in the business world. With mergers and acquisitions, between traditional organizations and nimble-digital-start-ups, running at the forefront of leading this change. This means that the uncalled change of going digital at the cost of layoffs, wind-ups, investments has its silver lining as well. Agile is no longer an IT exclusive domain, the current times have transformed the landscape of business pumping digitization in almost every sector and its operations as well.

 It’s time to take control:

On the other side of the coin, going online gives unimaginable power to businesses, consumers, and individuals as well. People and businesses will do things online because they can! The downfall like unemployment and shutting of businesses brought by current times is not the end. In fact, it is the beginning of taking charge of things. Thanks to start-ups like Yo2See. Harnessing the power of the internet, Yo2See brings the world together. We are your doorway to get connected to millions of smartphone users to share things that matter to you while making money as well. From the comfort of your home, you can sell, share, and rent anything with just a click. From finding relevant jobs to publish your content, we take care of all your needs. As the economy continues to grapple with falling in the pits of recession, it’s time to take charge of things with Yo2See.

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Unleash your power with Yo2See:

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